A positive appraisal after the 5th edition of 100 km du Senegal

26 marzo 2018

Some thoughts about 100 km du Senegal

At the end of 100 km du Senegal, we can frankly say the appraisal is absolutely positive.
After three years of suspension, the desire of coming back to Senegal was high, but we also needed a serious confirmation before we put a new date for 2019. This confirmation came both from our and runners approval: 100 km du Senegal must have its regular schedule in Zitoway’s agenda. It’s a great program, authentic and exciting: too good to be ignored. This is the ultimate comment expressed by all the participants in this 5th edition. So, a nice revival and a new starting point, in a beautiful country that so much can offer in terms of sport and emotions.
A heartful thank you to all who took part in the race and made our choice possible.
Very soon the new program will be online; it will contain some new important, improving features that will make this african program even more appealing.

A sincere thank you.


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