Notes & Prices

RACE FEE                                       

Subscription fee                                                                 €        60

Package fee without flight                                                 €  1.440

Package fee with turnaround flight from Milan             €  1.890

Race registration fee (runners and walkers)                  €     140


Package fee includes

  • Bus and 4x4 transfer for the whole event
  • Full board as per program (including mineral water at meals)
  • 2 nights at Chez Salim lodge
  • 3 nights at Ocean & Savane lodge
  • 1 night at Eco lodge camp
  • medical and technical assistance during the race, tour assistance.


Race registration fee includes

  • Bib number
  • Hat with veil
  • Official cotton and technical t-shirt.
  • Race assistance performed with quad bikes and 4x4 vehicles
  • Medical assistance (italian doctors), water points and pick-up service (injuries, retirement, etc.) for the entire race
  • Official medal


Not included

  • drinks in all accommodations
  • free lunch at Goré island
  • anything not expressly mentioned above.


Single room  

(2 nights at Chez Salim, 3 nights at Ocean & Savane, 1 night at Ecolodge)               €    250         

Registrations deadline: 31/01/2019       .

the race

The 100 km du Senegal is a 100 km leg race, to be ran in 5 days. The shortest leg is 5 km, the longest  a full marathon, 42 km. It’s a pretty demanding race due to the very sandy terrain and the hot climate.

Two categories are admitted: runners and walkers. The walkers category will have to walk a reduced distance as per program.

First leg - Night prologue, 5 km

Second leg – 20 km. It will be arranged among the dunes and the coastline in Lac Rose area

Thrid leg – 21 km. The itinerary strteches in the savannah, among baobabs and acacias in Rao area, a mere 20 km from Saint Louis. A bus transfer will take the runners at the start line. 

The run through several villages, crowded with kids and people, will bring a great excitement.

Fourth leg – 42 km. Start and finish line will be directly by the Ocean & Savane Campement. In order to make the running easier, a 21 km circle touching the savannah and the coastline, to run twice has been realized. This allow the runners to better deal with the high temperatures in the inner land – on the coastline the difference can be as low as 12/15 °C.  The leg is pretty demanding anyway, given the hot in the inner part and the sandy terrain. The stretch on the coastline counter-balance with fresh breeze and much lower temperatures.

Last leg – 13 km. A leg developing on the sand dunes in Lompoul, with some sections on trails and oceanic coastline.

the trip

 The program is set in 4 legs and a nocturnal prelude, all of these to be ran in very different spots as for landscape and features: the legendary Lac Rose, close to the ocean, where the Paris-Dakar motor race had its finish line; the savannah of Rao, very near to Saint Louis du Senegal and the beautiful area of Langue de Barbarie; Lompoul, the only spot in senegal featuring a real dunes desert.

No visa is required, only a valid passport (minimum 6 months). Legal currency is the CFA (senegalese franc); exchange can be done at the airport or in hotel. Except for Lompoul accommodation, WIFI is usually available.

The Terrain

The terrain varies depending on the area, but a sand layer convering the trails is a constant feature. Sand dunes are found only in Lompoul area.

It's COMPULSORY to show a medical certificate with cardiac stress test. Without the certificate the runner won't be registered in the race and won't receive the bib number.

Shoes must be pretty protective, fitting the run on sandy surfaces, a size larger than usual since the feet tent to swell with high temperatures. Gaiters can be useful for the sand. Tank tops should be avoided due to the strong sun, while t-shirts must be in technical fabric for a better perspiration. Highly protective sunglasses are reccomended. A medium protection factor sunscreen  is suggested; a total protection sunscreen can prevent a proper perspiration.

The local menu will be enriched with food expecially thought for the runners: pasta, rice, beef and chicken meat, fresh vegetables and fruits. The food will satisfy the athletes needs. Only extra minerals will be necessary during the race.

The medical staff is equipped for a proper assistance only during the race. For this reason, medicines useful for minor medications (blisters, bruises, cuts or scratches), as well as any personal drug or generic medications (aspirine, pain killers, etc.), must be brought directly by the participants. Not to be forgotten anti-diarrhea medicines and insect repellents.

For safety reasons the participants' race pack must compulsorily contain: at least 1 liter of water (camelbak or waist bottles), aluminium emergency blanket, lighter and whistle. Highly reccomended: sun hat, sun glasses, sunscreen. 

The standard program includes a direct flight Milan Malpensa-Dakar, but it’s also possible to book the program without flight. There are many opportunities to reach Dakar from many european airports and with different airlines.

Accommodations are planned in different hotels/lodges. The first two nights are at Chez Salim Lodge (Lac Rose), a simple but functional resort with bungalows and swimming pool.

Three nights will be spent at Campement Ocean & Savane (, a very nice lodge organized with tents and comfortable wooden bungalows featuring private toilet/shower facilities. The last night are at Lompoul, at the tented camp Ecolodge, oeganized with 2 and 4 places tents ( In the tented camp private camp toilets and showers are offered, while beds are fully equipped with sheets and blankets.

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