Art 1. Organization

ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure based in Modena, Italy, created, owns the brand, and takes care of the sport and logistic organization of the 5th edition of the “100 Km du Senegal”. The race will take place from 17 to 23 march 2018 in Senegal. The technical and touristic organization and the exclusive distribution are taken care by Melville – Born 2 Run, based in Reggio Emilia.

Art. 2 The race

The “100 Km du Senegal” is a running race in a desert environment, on a 100 km distance split on 5 stages in 5 days: Km 5- 20 - 21 - 42 - 13 respectively.

It's an amateur race, it's not connected to any official races' circuit or professional organizations.

Art.3 Safety kit

Every runnner must always carry the compulsory safety kit. The kit can be subject to random checks by the race marshals during the race itslef; if a kit will be found incomplete, the runner will undergo a penalty. Complusory kit : 1 liter of water (minimum amount), minerals, survival aluminium blanket, lighter, whistle.

ART.4 Reglement acceptation

The subscription to the race officially and automatically involves the acceptance of this reglement in every section. The acceptance itself allows the organization to modify the reglement in any moment of the race, as per the following art. 17.

Art.5 Admission rules

The runners must be 18 years old, men or women and must show a compulsory medical certificate issued by a sport medicine specialized doctor; the certificate must report ECG and effort test results testifying the athlete fitness. All the runners must sign a declaration of self responsibility , relieving the organization of any responsibility in case of accident or damage during the race.

Art. 6 Categories

There will be two categories: Runners and Walkers. The rank will be determined only by two categories: men and women

Art. 7 Checks

Checks will take place on monday and will regard the compulsory survival kit, the medical certificate and the buraucratic stuff. After that, race numbers will be released; these must be beared unmodified (must fully show the printed brands) during the whole event.

Art.8 Race and timing

The start of every leg will be given at the time reported during the briefing. The time limit is 7 houres only for a marathon. Runners must leave with at least 1 liter of water. In the first and the second leg only one water station will be set. 3 wather point in the marathon and 1 water point in the last day. Littering along the itinerary will be cause of sudden disqualification for the runner. The water station will also be a passage checking point of the runners; a personal control card will be punched at the passage. At the same way ,passage controls can be arranged random along the itinerary .

Art. 9 Water

The water offered before, during and after the legs - as well as the one offered in the hotels/lodges - is bottled mineral water.

Art 10 Itinerary

The entire itinerary will be marked by the organization in the best way, according to the rules of the protected area the race will enter. It’s possible to cut sections of the itinerary only if the passage controls punchings will be visible on the personal control card. Furthermore, runners must be advised that only on the main itinerary the assistance – and possible rescue - of the organization will be granted.

Art.11 Weather conditions and terrain

In march average daily temperatures of 25°/35° C are foreseen, with small humidity. The terrain has different features: tracks with hard surface will mix with sandy sections . In case of sudden sandstorm, with no visibility, runners must stop on the marke track and wait for the race marshals.

Art.12 Retreat

In case of final retreat, the runner must immediately tell his decision to a race marshall and deliver his race number. The retired runner will be anyway taken care by the organization, unless the runner is sent back home due to health reasons. In case of partial retreat (for just one leg), or arrival beyond the time limit, the runner will be given thye maximum time set for the leg plus a penalty fixed by the organization; in any case, he can start for the next leg the dy after.

Art.13 Time limit

A time limit is fixed for the marathon leg only. It is 7 hours, only for the runner category.

For the remaining legs no time limit is fixed.

Art.14 Ranks

Timing will be taken in hours, minutes and seconds. The sum of the times of every leg, will define the final general rank.

Art.15 Medical assistance and insurance

Only for the italian runners, is set an insurance linked to the travel package, covering health problems and possible travel back home. No personal insurance for accidents is set. During the race a full medical assistance will be provided; runners must be anyway aware that terrain conditions and distances may affect the speed of assistance. Runners take part in the race under their full responsibility , while the organization is relieved from any responsibility due to accidents, falls or diseases during the legs. Runners can’t hold as responsible for accidents any other runner , even in case of accidents or contact caused by them. No insurance for civil risks is compulsory for the organization, that is also relieved from any responsibility in case of accidents, death or damages suffered by the runners during the race.The organization holds a public liability policy RSA Sun Insurance Office ltd N. 1006.1000002256 ceiling of € 1.000.000,00. Foreign competitors will be able to take out insurance policies on their country of origin for any assistance and repatriation.

Art.16 Logistical assistance

A logistical assistance will be offered during the entire event, as per program.

The personal baggage transport  (one piece only per runner) is ensured by the organization.

Art.17 Pictures and video rights

All rights for picutres and/or video regarding the “100 Km du Senegal” are reserved. Participants, with their subscription, give their authorization to the organization for the use of their name and pictures. All the pictures and videos realized during the event can be used by the runners only for personal, private use, unless special authorization released by the organizers.

Art.18 Awards

Cups and plates will be offered to the runners arrived in the first three places of each category male and female.

Special awards will be offered by decision of the organization. To all the runners finishing the race, a medal will be offered.

Art. 19 Organization rights

The race Director hold the right to modify, under his unquestionable decision, any point of this reglement.

The race Director furthermore hold the right to modify, under hisunquestionable decision, the itinerary , the distance or the total number of legs, if technical, weather or safety conditions should require.

All the participants, by siging this reglement, declare they have been fully informed about any problem or risk related to the race itself and any other risk resulting from problems of the country (turmoils, rallies, etc.).

They aknowledge the safety measures adopted by the orgnization, which won't be held responsible anyway for any accident shoudl occur during the event/trip.

The participants declare they'll take part in the race under their exclusive responsability, relieving the organization from any responsability resulting from accidents, falls, illnesses, injuries, death or any other damage suffered during the entire trip.

The signing of this reglement relieve also any third organization involved in the entire event from any responsability.

In case of cancellation of the event due to problems related to the hosting country, but without any responsability of the organization, the refunds will be agreed upon with the organization itself, as per the law

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